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A majority of people find themselves glued to the screen in front of them for hours on end without realizing that they actually spend hours in a single day staring at light-emitting devices that could either be harmful or nonlethal. These devices have been found to consume both the work and personal lives of many people and include computer screens, mobile phones, or tablets.

Importance of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The average person in the office spends close to 6 hrs working behind a computer or laptop and then proceeds to spend even more time on their phones which may stretch to several hours in a given day, read more. The danger? Not yet significant until you take a look deeper into the negative effects that come with the blue light emitted by computer screens on the human body and mind including migraines or headaches, eye strains, and lack of sleep (insomnia). At a personal level, it is usually common to experience some sort of discomfort after spending long hours in front of a screen which may include blurry vision, dry eyes, irritability, and a  dysfunctional sleep cycle. Blue light encompasses the harmful light emitted by digital devices that is attributed to the high energy wavelength of the ambient light and the light’s ability to penetrate to the back of the human eye. 

Therefore, being overexposed to blue light contributes to various underlying and serious conditions at a later stage in life which may include age-related macular degeneration (AMD) which is known to cause blindness. Also, young children are at the risk of developing negative side-effects when exposed to excessive light as they usually are in the development phases and thus lack the necessary protective pigments that are critical in the filtering of the harmful blue light. It is important to note that average 6 out of 10 adults who become exposed to blue light for long periods of time tend to develop symptoms of eye strain after using computer screens for over 2 hours. These conditions underline the importance of having protective eyewear that prevents the damage caused by being over-exposed to blue light especially when compelled to use a digital screen for several hours. 

Benefits of Blue Block Lenses

The recommended solution is the use of blue block lenses whenever you are in front of the computer screen for extended periods of time. Blue block lenses are specially crafted to filter or block out the blue light emitted from digital screens thus protecting your eye from the glare and reducing the potential damage to the retina which arises from being exposed to blue light. In addition, blue block lenses are known to improve the symptoms related to computer vision syndrome which is the synonym for digital eye strain. These lenses have limited functions hence it is imperative that one establishes the purpose of acquiring the lenses which may include the need to stare at a computer screen after dusk and facing troubles related to lack of sleep after using your computer or digital device for a while. There are different ways to minimize the impact of blue light on the eye including the 20-20-20 rule that requires one to look at anything that is at least 20 feet for a period of 20 seconds after every 20 minutes, Read more: . This technique allows one to employ easy steps towards preventing the damage caused by blue light before investing in new glasses. However, with the availability of compelling evidence that blue light damages the eye when one fails to use protective gear, then the significance of investing in glasses that have blue block lenses cannot be emphasized enough.

Blue Block Lenses on a laptop.jpg

Blue block lenses are the epitome of eye care when it comes to excessive use of digital screens. Even without a prescription, you can consider acquiring a pair of glasses that have blue block lenses especially when you have a tendency to use computer screens after sundown or find yourself spending more than 2 hours straight in front of a blue-light emitting device such as a tablet. The lenses have numerous benefits that can only be realized after consistent use of the technology within the aforementioned situations or circumstances. The first benefit of using blue block lenses entails relieving the discomfort that is associated with over-exposure to blue light. When you use a computer device that has a light-emitting screen for extended periods of time chances are you will develop digital eye strain that has been found to be highly uncomfortable. As a result, wearing glasses that have been fitted with blue light filtering lenses enhances your focus and reduces eye strain which in turn makes the eyes feel less tired thus improving your vision and productivity. Despite the recommended practice of regularly staying away from your screen for a while, eye strain requires the use of protective eye-wear that guarantees effectiveness when the traditional techniques such as reducing screen time does not yield the anticipated results. 

Another benefit of blue block lenses is that you increase the odds of better sleep patterns as the technology advances the biological processes that induce sleep. As mentioned earlier, blue light comprises a high energy frequency that is known to increase one’s alertness while delaying the release of melatonin in the human body which assists in inducing sleep. This effect requires that anyone using a computer screen before bedtime to avoid its use 1-2 hours before going to sleep which has been proven as a more practical way of creating good sleep patterns. However, there are instances where one is forced to work late into the night hence the need to have blue-light blocking technology which assures the reduction of the impact caused by blue light emitted from the computer screens. By putting on optical glasses with the blue-light blocking technology, you are assured of a good night’s sleep even after you have been staring at the computer screen for long hours. Another benefit of blue block lenses is that they can help minimize the likelihood of one developing age-related macular degeneration or AMD which is associated with both partial and permanent blindness. With blue-light blocking technology, AMD can be avoided or delayed by preventing the damage caused by blue light

Blue Block Lenses in Kenya

So where can you get blue block lenses in Kenya? There are various places where one can acquire optical glasses fitted with blue-light blocking lenses including optician’s shops and eye clinics as well as being able to make an order online with the availability of e-commerce-based eye-wear retailers. However, seeking advice from an eye-wear and an eye-care specialist like Eye Centa increases the chances of acquiring a quality set of glasses that are both effective in preventing the damage caused by blue-light and are also affordable thus making the investment worthwhile. Despite the belief that one does not need a prescription to acquire blue-light blocking glasses, getting these lenses from a trusted optician and optometrist assures you that the product is right for your eyes and that it achieves the intended purpose. Therefore, if you are having trouble sleeping after spending time glaring at your screen or you are feeling some discomfort in your eyes after long hours in front of a digital screen, then it’s time to grab yourself blue light glasses from your most trusted eye-wear shop in Nairobi, Kenya. 

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